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About Hi I’m Jasper, I’m a writer who tries to describe this magical world with words and also a photographer who creates photographs that has the capacity to utter millions of words. But, before anything else, allow me to impart with you my story regarding to my hate and love relationship towards writing and photography. The inception of all of this can be traced back during my college years; I was a freshmen student who will be taking an English course in one of the state university in our country. I have no idea at all what will be the course be like probably the main reason why I’ve chosen that course as far as I can remember is that it doesn’t involve any complicated mathematical computation or even any scientific memorization at all since I must be honest to myself that I’m not good at memorization. Being a lazy student, I was, reading any books or other materials for me is just a waste of my time rather I would spend it playing video games, basket ball or just messing around with my acoustic guitar for my dream back then is to become the best guitar player. As I undergo through the whole course, I find it extremely difficult on my part for the course requires us to read tons of literary books and other reading materials and at the back of my mind I won’t be able to survive this course. Luckily, I did survive but the best part of it what I’ve thought the thing I hate the most which is reading is now had become a pleasurable activity for me allowing me to gain ideas from other people and use those ideas. Most of all, reading and writing had given me the chance to expand my imagination as far as the horizon. In some way. While, photography started out as a hobby of mine a way where I try to document the scene that is happening in my life. I wanted to make them happy and especial since photography does have the power to capture the best image we wanted to project in front of the camera.
Jasper Ibanga
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