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How does Candidly work?
Candidly is a community that connects a new generation of photographers with brands, publishers, designers, creatives and small businesses around the world. Buyers search for particular images and talented photographers continue to submit their best photos to match. Buyers get unique, real world images that match their marketing needs, and the photographers get awarded and paid.

Can I immediately start submitting photos on Candidly?
Yes. Sign in with your Instagram account and begin tagging some of your best photos. This will allow your images to be seen by marketing agencies and brands. Always strive to submit your very best photos.

Do You Accept Photos With Filters?
Yes we do. It’s up to the Candidly community (all our users) to decide if the photo fits their marketing needs.

What kind of photos should I upload to Candidly?
We ask our photographers to submit photos that are original, beautiful, clean of borders, and have commercial appeal. Also consider photos that have a good use of light, sharpness, and concept.

How many images can I submit to a Challenge or Request?
At this time, we do not limit submissions in order to encourage all users to submit what they feel is their best work. We do, however, screen the photos and if they are not up to Candidly’s standards or violate our terms of service, we will remove them.

Can I submit photos I have already shot and shared elsewhere?
Yes. Some of your best photos may have already been shared. Those are the photos that may be the most appealing to the brands and agencies we work with.

How can I control what photos are displayed on my profile portfolio?
You can manage what photos appear on your profile by visiting your profile section on our web site. Use the toggle next to each photo to reveal or hide photos. Also use this option to hide duplicate photos from appearing our your profile.

How do I control which photos are available for license?
You can manage what photos are made available for license on Candidly by visiting your profile on our web site. Use the toggle next to each photo to turn on or off the photo's license status.

How should I caption or keyword my photos?
Captioning and hashtagging ‘#’ your photo is an important step to success on Candidly. Buyers use this information when reviewing the photo before they purchase. Additionally, we use this information to help aid a photo's discovery in our search. It's important to caption or hashtag your photo for context and accuracy. You can also add localized or seasonal information. Avoid personal names or personal narrative in captioning your photo.

How do I modify keywords on my photos?
Visit your profile to modify the hashtags used for each of your uploaded images.

What does my positive rating mean?
The Candidly community can rate your photo on its creativity, accuracy, and originality. Maintaining a positive rating builds trust with buyers and gives you a positive reputation. This will also help you to become a featured artist on our site.

What’s the minimum size photo I can submit?
At this time you can only upload images from Instagram which stores photos of 612px or smaller.

Do all my photos have to be from a mobile phone?
Although Candidly is tailored towards mobile photographers, we will accept any digital photo which is connected to your Instagram account. At Candidly, we firmly believe that the best camera is the one that you have with you. We have found that photos taken on an individual’s phone are more realistic and tell a better story which brands and marketers want to see.

Can I submit to Challenges?
Yes. We allow everyone to participate in Candidly Challenges as they become available.

Are all my submitted photos up for sale?
All photos uploaded directly to your account are available to license.

I earned money. How do I get it?
We make payments through PayPal on the 15th of each month. In order to get paid you will have to link your Paypal account. You can do this by going to the connections page and clicking the "Connect Paypal" button.

What will I earn when my photo sells?
At Candidly we believe you should retain the majority of the money you make from your photos unlike most stock photo sites. That’s why we give you half the sale from every photo that is purchased on a Candidly. That's a big departure from most stock photo services who pay as little as a few cents for every photo sold on their platform. You keep 50% of every photo sold.

Do I need to pay taxes on money earned on Candidly?
It will depend on your total annualized earnings and your local government's tax laws so you should check the tax law specifically for your country.

How much does Candidly cost to use?
Candidly is free to use. We do not charge any subscription fees at this time.

Can I purchase photos from a user's profile?
Yes. All users’ photos directly uploaded to their profile are made available for sale by the seller.

How can I use a photo I've purchased on Candidly?
Any photo purchased on Candidly either comes with an editorial or commercial royalty free license. This license provides you the rights to use the photo for either personal or commercial purposes. For the one-time payment, you may use the photo over and over again for uses such as advertising and promotional projects, web sites, presentations, editorial uses, videos, commercials, catalogs, and even broadcasting. As a photo buyer, you must ensure that publishing the photo you've purchased complies with any applicable legislation regarding the publication of photos and you are responsible for securing any required releases prior to publication.

How can I obtain a model release for a photo I've purchased on Candidly?
On Candidly, photographers are responsible for warranting that all the models in their photo have given their permission for using the photo for commercial use. If the permissions information is set to "Yes" then you may ask to obtain a signed model release in advance of your purchase. If you need to do so send an email to us and we will get that process going. Please build a 3-5 day lead time to obtain releases.

Can I contact the photographer directly?
The terms of service require that you complete all transactions and communications using the website If you have to follow up with a photographer for licensing, releases or dispute issues, the photographer can be contacted through Candidly. If you need to do so, send an email to and we will help you.

What are my purchasing options using Candidly?
You can purchase photo licenses on Candidly using PayPal or any major credit card.

I submitted my photo and it's been removed. Why?
If your photo contains sexual, violent or other inappropriate content that violates our terms of service, it will be removed. In some cases, Candidly or the buyer may remove your photo if it contains inappropriate content. Even if your photo was sold to a buyer, we can always remove it if it violates our terms of service.

Can I remove my photo from Candidly?
Yes. In order to delete a photo, visit your profile page on the website. Note that deleting photos does not affect previous licenses you have granted.

How do I delete my account?
Please send an email to and we will delete it for you.

How do I contact Candidly for additional support?
The easiest way is to send us an email to


Do I need permission from the people in my photos?
Yes. In order to submit a photo to Candidly you agree you have the permission from any identifiable people in the submitted photo in order to sell the photo with a commercial license. You will need the written permission of the person(s) in the form of a Model Release for commercial use. You can reach out to the team at Candidly to receive the model releases. By accepting the Candidly terms of service, you agree to comply with all laws regarding model releases.

Do I need a property release?
If your photos contain recognizable trademarks or personally owned property (like a identifiable store sign, branded product, logo, or other identifiable private property) it is best to have a property release as most buyers look to license photos for commercial use. However, brands will use Candidly in order to purchase the photos that contain their trademarked logo. In that case, a property release is not necessary. Be confident you can obtain a property release for any photo before uploading a photo to Candidly.

Do I need permission to photograph in certain locations?
Obtaining permission to take photographs in public areas varies between countries. We recommend that you check the regulations of your country. Most countries permit taking photographs in public areas, which usually means places that can be accessed without restrictions, such as city streets and public transportation buildings. If your photo was captured on private property, such as someone’s home or a commercial office, and the location is recognizable, be sure you get the permission of the property owners too. Do not submit photos of people taken through windows in their homes or offices.

Can I submit someone else’s photos?
No. You may only submit photos you shot and you have the rights to sell. Uploading someone else’s photograph is a violation of copyright, which can result in substantial damages to you. We also reserve the right to terminate the account of any user that is reported as uploading content that belongs to others photographers or other users.

What type of content is restricted?
It is a violation of our Terms of Service to submit any photo that contains nude people, sexual or violent content or other material that might be offensive (see our Terms of Service if you are unsure). If you see a photo that violates our Terms of Service, you can report the image to us at so we may take immediate steps to remove the photo.


A photo license is a legal agreement between a photographer and a buyer where the photographer agrees to license their photo to a buyer. This license means the buyer may legally use the photo to help illustrate an idea, sell a product or a service.

If I sell my photo does the buyer get to keep it?
No. When you sell an image on Candidly a buyer is licensing the right to simply use the photo. You always retain the copyright to your photo.

Are these royalty free photos?
Yes. Every photo sold on Candidly comes with a royalty free license, which means the buyer may use the photo multiple times without paying further royalties to the creator. Be sure to check the Permission status of any photo if you are planning to use the photo for commercial purposes.

How can the photos be used that I purchase?
Photos sold on Candidly may be used for any personal or commercial use, such as prints, magazines, blogs, advertising and promotional projects, web sites, presentations, videos, brochures, social and for any other medium.

Who owns the rights to the photos that are purchased?
The photographer always maintains the copyright to their photos. When a buyer licenses a photo through a purchase, the photographer is granting rights to use that photo to the buyer. If a buyer licenses a photo from a photographer, they may never re-sell (or sublicense) the photo to another person or entity. Other restrictions may apply.

What if I have more questions that are not covered in your FAQ?
If you have questions that are not covered in our FAQ, please send your questions by email to
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