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We are a group of designers, developers, artists, and marketers committed to creating the world’s leading marketplace for mobile photographers.

There continues to be a growing demand for photos that are less “stocky” by a number of marketing agencies, news outlets, and brands. Our team has worked with some of the top brands in the world and realized that this type of photography is becoming a growing trend. That’s when we decided to launch Candidly to help marketers find content that their consumers can relate to.

Our goal is to provide our community the best marketplace to sell their photography.

Every single person with a phone is now a photographer whether they know it or not. Millions of photos are taken everyday and uploaded to multiple social networks. Each of those photos tells a story that people can relate to because they are real emotions. Most of those photos are ideal for major brands, however, there is no easy way for the brands to license those photos until now. Candidly makes it extremely easy to find the photos that will help any brand make that connection with their consumers. At the same time, photographers are being recognized for their work and profiting from an activity they do every day.

“Instagram is a gold mine of quality content for brands and marketing agencies. Many of these photos are not avialble for purchase for marketing purposes. Candidly solves this problem by allowing Instagram users to sell their photos with a license. Photo buyers now have the ability to purchase user-generated photos that have an authentic story that is missing from traditional stock photography." - Cody Dalton Co-Founder
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